The Curry Revolution

As the 1970’s brought about the Industrial revolution, it also birthed what is now Great Britain’s national dish. The Curry.

Going into its 3rd generation of ‘Curry Experts’, 3 brothers honour the notion that the very concept of Shimlasexpress™ would not have existed without the success of its flagship restaurant Shimla’s established by their father. Situated on one of the main arteries of Bradford, Great Horton Road, Shimla’s immediate recognition comes from establishing one of the first curry restaurants within Yorkshire and throughout, since 1977.

Founded with the desire to bring a part of his native Simla to his new British home, a humble immigrant with cooking mastery, wanted to share his passion for food with a region that had yet to sample the the exotic spice of South East Asia.

The Taste of Tradition. The Taste of Success.

ShimlasThough times change, Shimla’s recipes haven’t. Shimla’s popularity, became the catalyst to expand, as its business grew. With distinctive décor and gourmet dishes packed with flavour and authentic spices, Shimla’s has become the superlative venue for families, meetings and celebrities alike.

Becoming the perfect conduit, Shimla’s considers itself an advocate to strengthen the relationships of varied communities within the city of Bradford. Never forgetting the foundations that have built Shimla’s success, recipe’s are delicately refined to whet the most sensitive palette.

Though Shimla’s recipes remain closely guarded family secret, innovation remains a key component to keep its customers wanting more. Where pitta bread was once the tradition of a kebab, Shimla’s made freshly made naan bread the new tradition.

Shimlasexpress has taken the concept of street food and has created the perfect marriage of ‘food on the go’ with the quality of gourmet style dishes. Where a customer has 60 minutes or less during their working day for lunch. Shimlasexpress truly makes every minute count.