About Shimlas Express

“Shimlasexpress™ has perfected its already celebrated mouth-watering dishes into moreish gourmet style street food.”

Shimlasexpress™ has taken the founding principles and secret family recipes of Shimla’s™ Restaurant and created an innovative approach on how to enjoy gourmet style street food.

Make It Your Own

Choose from a variety of freshly oven-baked breads, a range of crisp, sliced and diced salads that will garnish your favourite cutlets of boneless lamb or chicken that has been marinated in Shimla’s™ herbs and spices.

Make It Healthy

For a healthier choice, wheat or wholemeal baked breads are available to envelope Shimla’s™ UK famous chicken donner packed with a secret combination of rare herbs and spices only found in Shimlasexpress. Often imitated. Never duplicated.

Make It Spicy

Staying away from ‘straight out of the bottle’ generic sauces, Shimlasexpress home-made sauces will give your meal a distinctive edge with every bite. Your taste buds have never had it this good.

Make It Quick

Visiting on your lunch hour? Time being of the essence, our fully automated, robotic donner skewers will shred and cut your favourite meats hygienically with chef-style precision. A feast that is made to measure.

Make Mine Grilled

Should your pit stop allow more time, Shimlasexpress’ grill station is another feast for the eyes as well as the appetite. Succulently spiced lamb chops are signature dish that keep Shimlasexpress’ customers coming back for more!

Street food. All in good taste

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